Does Anything Other Than The Sun Cause Sun Spots?

Sun spots are little flat spots that appear in the parts of the body that are constantly exposed to the sun such. It can be black or gray but is commonly brown or a darker tone of your skin. As what was mentioned before people who have been under the sun for too long have higher risks of having sun spots. This is because of the sunburn that causes scarring to the skin.

Other than sun exposure, what causes sun spots?
Well, there are some factors that affect skin pigmentation even without sun exposure. Here are its other possible causes.

  • Aging. As you grow older you become more susceptible to the abnormal development of melanin production. This happens especially in elderlies who were very much exposed to the sun when they were young.
  • UV Light. The very reason that the skin gets darker and sometimes burnt to some extent is because of UV light. Nowadays you won’t always know that a device or even your home lighting radiates more UV light than what your skin can take.
  • Tanning Going to saunas or tanning using tanning beds is just like baring your skin under the heat of the sun. The only difference is that you do it inside your home or a tanning facility, lying in bed rather than enjoying the tan effects on the beach. Also, just like being exposed to too much heat tanning can burn your skin too if not controlled properly.
  • Skin Cancer Having irregular spots that look like sun spots can be an indicator of skin cancer. Detection of skin cancer also includes assessment of sun spots that have been appearing on your body. But remember that the actual sun spots can be harmless. It is just that an example of an early symptom of skin cancer includes skin spots having an irregular shape with weird colors.

You will not always notice sun spots and what causes sun spots in your face, arms and legs unless someone points it out to you or you keep looking in the mirror. When you do find one do not panic coming into conclusion that it is probably skin cancer. Think about your recent trips and if you were exposed to the following factors mentioned above. If you do not feel comfortable assessing it yourself you can go and see a doctor most preferably a dermatologist for a consult and advice on how to get rid of those tiny specks.