SFP 30 Sunscreen Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

The skin is a very hardworking organ because it performs a variety of functions for the human body. And while it’s a versatile organ it is also very susceptible to damage that can ultimately lead to serious conditions every now and then.  If not enough care and attention are devoted to it individuals can experience serious conditions.

Skin cancer, although usually not life-threatening can result from inadequate care. While it is a common occurrence as people grow older lifestyle factors can damage the skin and eventually lead to skin cancer. The primary culprit of this much-dreaded condition is overexposure to the rays of the sun or even artificial sources of ultraviolet light rays.

Treatment and Prevention for Skin Issues
The market which deals with the creation of products that help in skin problems is so wide that it is considered as a million-dollar industry. There are so many products to choose from. Treatment of skin issues like skin cancer can come in the form of surgery, pills, topical applications, and even therapies. And one of these products that can help prevent damage to the skin is sunscreen.

Sunscreen 101
Usually sold in the form of topical applications, sunscreens are products that contain several ingredients that are important in adding protection to the skin. Sunscreens usually shield the skin from unhealthy rays of light coming from the sun, specifically UVA and UVB. If these unhealthy rays touch the skin, premature aging and damage can happen and increase a person’s chances of having skin cancer.

SPF, or the Sun Protection Factor, measures a sunscreen’s capability to protect the skin against UVB. This is the rating used with regard to how long a sunscreen can block these harmful rays from reaching the skin. For example, an SPF 15 sunscreen has the ability to block UVB rays for around 150 minutes if your skin usually burns after 10 minutes of sun exposure.

Skin Cancer and Sunscreens
Because skin cancer is primarily increased and developed through prolonged exposure to sunlight, an SPF 30 sunscreen and skin cancer is a good combination. Although sunscreens do not fully remove the risk of skin cancers. it can somehow decrease the risk of getting this condition. It may also prevent further damage to the skin because of UVB rays are no longer fully reaching the skin at some point. This is why in some studies, the uses of sunscreen and skin cancer are related to one another in terms of preventing risk factors from contributing to the development of damage.