Is It Worth Trying A Liver Spot Cream?

Liver spots are synonymous to age spots, old age spots or senile freckles. These are skin discolorations that appear as people age and with an accumulated exposure to ultraviolet radiation that you get by staying outdoors too long without sun screen or from tanning lamps. They appear very commonly on areas that get the most exposure to the sun like the hands, face, neck, shoulders, arms, and feet.

These spots appear flat on the skin and may either be brown or black. A long time ago, these spots were thought to be a precursor to liver problems due to the fact that they have the same color as the liver.  That theory was debunked for they are nowhere near any liver problems. Liver spots are very common and none life-threatening. They usually aren’t a cause for concern so the majority of the population who has age or liver spots just lets them be and does not see the need for any treatment. It is not very appealing though so some people opt to have them removed either through a medical procedure or home remedies.

Medical Procedures and Diagnosis
Age spots or liver spots are generally harmless but they can make other types of cancers like basal cell carcinoma hard to detect. That is why having them looked at is important just to make sure that you are cancer free. Visually inspecting the skin may not be enough at times to skin biopsies are requested by doctors.

Getting rid of liver spots can be done by any of these procedures:

  • Laser Treatment / Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
  • Bleaching (normally using hydroquinone and tretinoin)
  • Electrosurgery and
  • Cryotherapy
  • Dermabrasion and
  • Chemical Peel

Alternative Treatments
People who would like to remove these age spots also consider home remedies that include using a liver spot cream that is easily accessible and the use of over the counter medications. Opting for a home remedy saves a lot of money – this is the reason why it is gaining popularity worldwide. Medical procedures for this purpose are considered cosmetic so the chance of them being covered by insurance is slim. This is a big factor in making a final decision and the reason why a liver spot cream is worth trying. It normally is made from plant extracts like the eggplant and is non-toxic, non-invasive, affordable and it heals quickly and effectively just like any cosmetic procedures.