We Take Them For Granted – But What Are Age Spots?

The age spots or sunspots more commonly known as liver spots are the small brown spots that can be seen on the top layer of our skin. It got its name because most of the people who develop them are those in the higher age group namely individuals at the age of 40 and above. With that being said sun spots can develop and appear at any age. There is no exact reason why these spots occur but most believe that it is because of prolonged exposure to the sun hence why it is also called sun spots.

Some consider it as a sign of aging because as we grow older our body will produce more melanin thus resulting to the darkening of our skin and at times these patches will start to pop up. A few consider both reasons and the addition of our genetic makeup though this last reason is highly debatable to most.

These clumps of brown spots are oftentimes found on the face, arms, neck, shoulders and hands because how often they are mostly uncovered by clothing. A number of people who are fond of going to the beach or swimming tend to get them in other parts too such as the legs, feet, back and shins.

Remedies that can lighten or remove sunspots
First off there are organic materials that you can use to lighten age spots which can be found at home. Tea, particularly green or black tea can be a treatment option. Other choices can also be apple cider vinegar or milk a couple of the most accessible alternatives because they can already be found inside one’s home. Aloe or aloe vera is also a top choice to help lighten the pigmentation of the spots on our skin.

  • Vitamins C and E are prime candidates when you want to have blemish free skin. Vitamin E is known to help in making the skin look healthier and thus resulting in the lightening of sunspots. This in particular is for dietary consumption which you can incorporate into your daily routines which makes for a hassle-free remedy. As for vitamin C this one is used by making a paste out of crushed pills or tablets and applying it directly to the skin regularly. Said vitamin is known for hastening the process of lifting pigment off the spots.
  • You also have the option of going to a dermatologist and asking about the different treatments offered in helping erase these patches. Commonly the top treatment for these types of dilemma is by using laser to lightly destroy the pigmentation or melanin which will in turn erase the spots. This treatment requires several sessions before it can disappear.